Ancillary Services

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Are your goods insured? It is surprisingly common for companies to assume that their carriers limited liability will somehow cover them in the event of damage or loss of goods. This is not always the case. FDW take care to remind customers that their goods may require insuring to full value to ensure they do not lose out in the event of a claim. It is worth checking whether it is the Exporter, the Consignee or Forwarder who are expected to arrange insurance cover.

Customs Clearance Services

FDW coordinate Import clearances at Ports & Airports throughout the UK based on your instructions and requirements. In addition, clearance can be arranged where required on Exports at destination.

Export Documentation

EUR1, ATR, EC and Arab-British Certificates of Origin are arranged for customers on request. We provide a consular documentation and advice service on Documentary Letter of Credits where interpretation and/or presentation of documents is required. We can also advise on countries where you are able to apply for a Carnet, which avoids Import Duty and Taxes being paid out on temporary exports.

Warehousing Facilities

We are often asked to arrange temporary and long term storage for customers. Storage arrangements can be organised as part of an ongoing program if required. We are able for example, to arrange to accept container loads of goods into storage from overseas and re-deliver to you when the product is needed.

Dangerous goods shipments

Contact us for free advice and assistance on Dangerous goods forwarding. We have considerable expertise and knowledge in the packing, documentation, labelling and transportation of Dangerous Goods, by Air, Ocean and Road.

Cross Trade Services

Whether you need to send chicken legs from Cancun to Cairo, machinery parts from Mumbai to Mombasa, or textiles from Tianjin to Toronto, FDW can assist you. We have the knowledge, rates, and close working relationships with our overseas partners to fully coordinate all arrangements for you on a door to door basis.

Personal Effects Handling

If you are an individual moving abroad, for personal or company purposes, FDW can arrange to collect and forward your possessions safely and cost effectively.